Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jack Mormons!

I gotta say I love me some Jack Mormons sometimes. I've got 2 neighbors who fit this description. They don't attend church but they talk about how they don't go because the ward sucks or someone offended them, but, as my dear neighbor put it "I still totally believe."

It really got me thinking when she said this. I looked back on my own life and realized that I could never have been a Jack Mormon. To me if were true then it was my duty to be active and go. Even if I felt sh*tty and felt like I could never do my best or live up to expectations...if it were true, all would work out in the end so I'd have to keep plugging along. So I just never understood Jack Mormons. If they still believed why in the world weren't they living it? So I gots to thinking a bit more. Maybe it's because they really don't believe it; they just haven't admitted it to themselves. My friend, I'll call her Angela, though that's not her real name, has told me that she's never been super active even as a kid or when she was a teenager. She's been drinking for over 20 years and has lived quite the non-Mormon lifestyle. She admits that she feels God loves her for her and not for what religion she does or does no adhere to. Though, two seconds later she reaffirms to me her belief....but I think what she's saying is she doesn't believe in any kind of religion that tells her she's a bad person because she drinks alcohol or shops on Sundays or has sex outside of marriage.

I think a lot of Jack Mormons are like this. Angela and her husband are really laid back type people. They never got worried about eternal salvation and damnation, they've lived their lives pretty guilt-free in that respect. Since they've never really worried about it like I did, they've never had a reason to find reasons to not believe. So since they were raised Mormon that is just their default religion and nothing more.

Granted, not all Jack Mormons fit this description. Two of my brother-in-laws live their lives in constant guilt and fear since they are not living the Church's standards but believe that the Church must be true. So my husband's drug addicted, drug dealing brother calls him on the phone and tries to preach repentance unto him. His other brother feels so guilty all the time because he drinks beer, married a non-Mormon woman, and is raising his kids without Mormonism.

So they are a very different breed, for sure. I'm just glad I have my Jack Mormon neighbors where we can fill up a kiddie pool with hot water and hot tub it at night with some mojitos and shots! It's awesome.

If I had the Jack Mormon personality I know I wouldn't be where I am today so I'm glad I pushed myself to search and look for myself.

Also, please keep us in your thoughts as my husband and I go into the belly of the beast in three weeks with his family on a really long family camp out. All hell's going to break loose as they find out we're no longer Mormon. Yikes.....


jen said...

Good luck with the family! That sounds intense!

I just had this conversation with a friend of mine. I've left. She's left. We have two other friends still "in". I believe one of them will eventually leave (the rest of her family already has).

BB, the other one, will probably never leave, because she's never really been in. She has always only gone to church if there are friends there - she loves the social side of things. She doesn't pay attention to things being taught, and has no idea about basic doctrine. She goes to church when it suits her, but not when it doesn't. If I were like her, I'd never have left. I wouldn't have needed to.

Unknown said...
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J.L. said...

I hear you. I don't get the Jack Mormon thing either. For me whatever I do has to be 100%. I couldn't have lived with myself if I really believed it and just didn't put forth the effort to do it, you know? I think if I didn't push myself so hard maybe I could have stayed LDS, but alas, that was not the case. I couldn't live with the inner conflict.

AJ said...

Yeah, I don't really understand Jack Mormons either. My brother is dating one right now. She is an awesome girl and I've gone to get cocktails with her a couple of times, but we just had this discussion about how the gospel and the church are two different things...
and I personally don't think they are.. Funny stuff.
However, the boy and I have decided we like Jack Mormons more than too-serious atheists.

Diane Tingen said...

Yes, Jack Mormons are a different breed. Especially the part where they say that they still believe the church is true. I'm with you, if it's true and you know it, then live it. But it's not... so I don't... and I left... and I'm not going back. Ever.

dadsprimalscream said...

What's weird are the Jack Mormons in the family who have become all the raging true blue followers now that they've gotten old.

Seriously, I have an aunt and uncle who hadn't gone to church since adolescence... but lived in UT. 3 of their 4 kids grew up pretty strong in it as they still went to primary and such. One, a daughter, even served a mission. In their 70's suddenly they're going to the temple and posting rabid Mormon stuff on their FB pages!!! WTF?

They used to be the cool ones in the family. I haven't been to visit since... I'm afraid to.

Carli said...

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JW Biddy said...

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Anonymous said...

wow. it's interresting to see people's reaction and what they have to say about this subject. all i've got to say is

HAVE FUN WITH YOUR HIGHER CONDEMNATION! i'll see you in the tellestial kingdom! :)

Anonymous said...

alma 40:10!
you may be happy now, but unless you repent, you are totes gonna be damned. and the mormon church IS true. if you say otherwise, then that's because you must not be doing CPR for the soul- church, read, and pray. try it with real intent and a sincere heart. you'll find out if you are right or not. promise.

Kaylanamars said...

Well, I KNOW it's not! LOL.